Thursday, 14 August 2008

The Gray Man.

"THE frontrunner in the race to became Labour's new Holyrood leader has suffered a blow after a YouGov poll showed that three-quarters of Scots barely knew anything about him. Only 4% of respondents in a YouGov poll said they knew "a lot" about Iain Gray, the East Lothian MSP who has taken an early lead in the contest. The sample found that 8% were familiar with his leadership rival Andy Kerr, while 17% said they knew "a lot" about the third candidate, Cathy Jamieson. The snapshot, commissioned by the SNP this month, found that 76% knew "little about" Gray or had "not heard" of him at all."

But of course the research was commissioned by the SNP which seems to be quite keen on Iain Gray not being Leader of the Scottish Labour Party. Mr Smith wonders why? Could it be because he might just be Labour's best hope as Leader?

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