Friday, 8 August 2008

Councillor Kalashnikov.

"An SNP councillor in Glasgow has been suspended over allegations that he fired a Kalashnikov assault rifle while visiting Pakistan. The incident was said to have taken place during a family holiday in 2005. A party spokesman said there was no suggestion that Jahangir Hanif had broken the law but it appeared to be "foolish and inappropriate conduct". Councillor Hanif said the incident took place before he was elected. He will now face a disciplinary hearing."

Mr Smith thinks that the introduction of proportional representation last year for local council elections has certainly had an impact on the calibre of Scotland's 1,200 councillors. Unfortunately, not for the better as this story makes clear. How many other dodgy Councillors avoided adequate scrutiny from the voters last year?

A pat on the back to the Evening Times for breaking the story. He should be forced to resign by the SNP Leadership.

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