Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Left A Bit ...

"WOULD you mind moving a little bit to the left?" the photographer asks Cathy Jamieson, sizing up a shot. "I can always manage that," she replies, quick as a flash. The candidate for the Labour leadership at Holyrood, taking a quick break from campaigning last week, bursts into a proper belly laugh ..."

Tres drole ... tres drole. And so goes the interview with Cathy Jamieson MSP.

Its been a long time since Cathy Jamieson could correctly be described as "left-wing," and even if she was Mr Smith is not sure what Labour needs in Scotland is to be more "left-wing."

Mr Smith lost what respect he had for Ms Jamieson when as Justice Minister she stonewalled attempts in the Scottish Parliament to have American Government rendition flights via Scottish airports investigated by Scottish police. So much for being "left-wing." As Justice Minister, she didn't even want to act to investigate possible abuses of human rights taking place on Scottish soil.

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