Friday, 2 May 2008


Which one do you believe?

"A YEAR after leading the SNP to a historic election victory, Alex Salmond is still enjoying a strong personal standing among Scots, according to an exclusive poll for the Scotland On Sunday. The poll was commissioned to mark the first anniversary of the Holyrood elections, and provides a unique insight into what Scotland thinks of Salmond."

Or from the Sunday Times ...

"ONLY three of out ten Scots would trust the First Minister Alex Salmond to look after their wallets, according to a new opinion poll."

Mr Smith thinks the Sunday Times has got it very wrong. Alex Salmond is after all First Minister, not UK Chancellor. Even if he was UK Chancellor Mr Smith suspects Mr Salmond would do better in the ratings than the current incumbent Mr Darling. Even if Scotland was independent Alex Salmond wouldn't personally be holding the purse strings. And isn't all of this very academic anyway given that last May Alex Salmond was elected First Minister and leads and administration which will spend over £31 billion this current financial year, without having to raise one penny of it from any Scottish taxpayers?

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