Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Putting the Boot In.

Mr Smith notes the tirade in the press from SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson against his Labour rival in last year's Scottish Parliament elections.

"'Whingeing' former MSP had only himself to blame ... Commenting on last year's election result in Cunninghame North (your report, 3 May), my predecessor, Allan Wilson, said he "was furious and thought the returning officer was a clown". Having denigrated a public servant who conducted himself throughout a long and weary night in the most exemplary and professional manner, a self-absorbed Mr Wilson whinges about how "drained" he was, having been up since the previous morning. Weren't we all! Particularly as we had to endure a recount lasting more than four hours. Prior to the recount, the SNP majority was 48. After it, 48.Rather than blame others for his political demise or create a myth that he was somehow cheated of victory, Mr Wilson should acknowledge his own culpability. For years, he took the voters of Cunninghame North for granted and thought that, as the previous SNP candidate was standing as an independent, he was home and dry. That he still lost on a night when Labour held eight of its nine constituencies in the West of Scotland, shows how out of touch he was with his constituents and their needs and concerns."

Talk about kicking a man when he is down Kenneth, and anyway didn't Mr Wilson's failure to get re-elected have something to with the fact that the previous SNP candidate and MSP who was effectively forced out of the SNP, ran as an independent, picking up Labour votes and leaving the SNP vote largely in the hands of Mr Gibson?

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