Friday, 16 May 2008

We Are Family.

"Keeping it in the family is, it seems, a motto that unites Scottish MPs from all parties. Under new rules introduced after the Derek Conway scandal, MPs were last month forced to declare in the Register of Members' Interests whether or not they employed family members. Twelve of the 59 Scottish MPs did so. Last week another four added their names to the list. Scottish Office minister David Cairns employs his cousin Angela Moore as a caseworker and Labour MP Brian Donohoe employs his wife Christine as an "executive secretary" – which could give her a salary of up to £40,052. Another Labour MP, Jim Sheridan, employs his daughter Joanne as a caseworker while SNP sleazebuster Angus MacNeil employs his wife Jane as a caseworker on a salary of up to £25,195. SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson had already listed his wife Carron Anderson as his "senior caseworker" on a salary of up to £29,716."

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