Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Nanny State.

Is it Mr Smith or does the Scottish Government's announcement about banning the display of tobacco products smack of the Nanny State? Yes, tobacco is a major health issue. Yes, people should be educated and discouraged from smoking. But do our politicians believe that banning the display of tobacco products so that smokers who can legally smoke can't see the packaging that cigarettes come in really makes a lot of sense?

What next? Banning displays of alcohol on the basis that children shouldn't see bottles of alcohol? Banning displays of knives because we want to cut knife crime? Government should educate and legislate where required and appropriate, but fundamentally, adults have the right to make their own decisions. Government seems intent on denying them those choices and without any evidence that what they are doing will make a blind bit of difference.

Mr Smith isn't planning to return to Scotland soon, but at this rate there won't be much left for him to do by the time he does get around to it. Sad.

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