Friday, 2 May 2008

Third World.

Mr Smith has already noted the revelations over the weekend about the fact that Labour MSP Lord George Foulkes claimed forty thousand pounds worth of parliamentary allowances for living in a property he already owned.

Coincidentally, in the House of Lords last Friday Lord Foulkes lamented increases in the costs of foodstuffs for those living in the Third World, "My Lords, will my noble friend welcome the concern expressed by Members opposite for the poor of this country, however recent and opportunistic it may be? Will he confirm that the real problem with rising prices of foodstuffs, particularly wheat, rice and milk, is in the third world, where there are extremely poor people who are devastated by what is happening? Will he confirm that our Government will continue to expand and develop our support for the World Food Programme, in contrast to the Tory Government, who halved development assistance?"

Bet the poor people of the Third World wish they could claim forty thousand pounds for living in their own home or more likely shanty. Lord Foulkes' concern is touching. Forty thousand pounds would buy a lot of rice.

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