Thursday, 22 May 2008

Ms. Robison Regrets.

And at the same time as the Scottish Government's Public Health Minister, Shona Robison MSP, was announcing to the Scottish Parliament her plans to ban the display of cigarettes, it was disclosed that she had failed to act to have confidential patient records removed from a former NHS hospital on her own "patch".

"Public Health Minister Shona Robison knew about the patient documentation left at Strathmartine Hospital - and wrote to NHS Tayside demanding action - but Labour say that is not enough given her powerful position. Her letters to NHS Tayside clearly show that she knew last year, when she was a Health Minister, that personal records were lying around the derelict hospital."

Ms. Robison seems to be locked into opposition MSP letter writing mode and doesn't seem to realise that as a "Government" Minister she can actually insist that action is taken by officials in the department she helps oversee. Never mind, she managed to pull off her announcement about banning the display of cigarettes, albeit that in doing so she seemed to take her eye off of the ball of running her Department properly over the course of several months.

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