Wednesday, 28 May 2008

On the Pat and Mick.

And from Drumlanrig yet again, "Gordon Brown's management style (e-mailing staff at 5am, raging at officials over why certain tasks have not been performed, demanding everyone work as crazily hard as he does) was not enjoyed by civil servants in Whitehall. It appears that Brown's former staff at the Treasury are now happier under his successor Alistair Darling. Figures last week showed the number of working days lost at the Treasury in each of the past 24 months due to "stress-related illness". Under Brown's tenure, the average monthly figure came in at 130 days a month. Under Darling, however, despite the traumas of the credit crunch, Northern Rock and a collapsing housing market, the figure has fallen to 106 days a month. None of those crises, it appears, is half as tough as working for Gordo."

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