Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Call My Bluff.

Another surprise from Oor Wendy.

"LABOUR leader Wendy Alexander backed a referendum on Scottish independence, in a major U-turn intended to call Alex Salmond's "bluff"."

Albeit that the Labour people will only support a one question referendum with yes or no as the answer which they SNP don't want. A very risky strategy, and Mr Smith suspects that the longer we go until a referendum, the riskier Wendy's approach will become, especially with the SNP securing 45% support in the most recent opinion poll. But why did Labour and Wendy spend the best part of the last year, indeed forever, arguing against an independence referendum only to now agree to one when no-one really wanted them to? It looks a bit weak.

Not so much "Call My Bluff" as "Risk".

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