Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Addicted to Love.

So, we have had weekend revelations about the sexual pecadillos and proclivities of Scottish Conservative bankroller and multi-millionaire Lord Irvine Laidlaw (pictured on right with former First Minister Jack McConnell MSP.)

"CONSERVATIVE peer and Tory fund-raiser Lord Irvine Laidlaw has confessed to being a secret sex addict and has announced plans to donate £1m to an addiction charity. The tycoon, Scotland's fourth-richest man, made his admission last night following a News of the World investigation. He says he has checked himself into a six-week residential sex addict programme and has made the donation to help "fellow sufferers." The 64-year-old Baron of Rothiemay, who is married and worth about £730m, has given around £6m to the Conservative party."

At least he had the honesty to admit it and does it really matter anyway? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone ....?

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