Friday, 25 April 2008

Vest-ed Interests.

From the Herald Diary, "A Scottish Government minister was left red-faced yesterday after telling MSPs she used to go to school in a see-through vest. The gaffe prompted hilarity, with Presiding Officer Alex Fergusson jokingly calling for "appropriate" language. Linda Fabiani was fielding a question on switching clocks more closely to match the rest of Europe during summer. Ms Fabiani claimed she used to wear a "transparent" vest on dark mornings as a child. Education Secretary Fiona Hyslop, sitting at her side, whispered: "It's translucent." (Could she mean fluorescent?) Ms Fabiani laughed and quickly called for the remark to be "struck from the record". But Mr Fergusson added: "I think it's more likely to be highlighted." The minister clarified: "It was one of those shiny ones that shone in the dark."

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