Saturday, 19 April 2008

Sign of the Times.

So, the Scottish Parliament is to spend £20,000 of taxpayers cash on putting up a sign on the Scottish Parliament building to ... er ... let people know what it is.

"SCOTTISH Parliament bosses are to spend more than £20,000 on a giant new sign outside the building to tell people what it is. They decided on the move after a review of visitor services recommended signage at the public entrance should be improved. The sign, measuring 5.9 metres by 1.1 metres and made of granite, is due to be installed within the next couple of weeks."

Most Scots, Mr Smith thinks, will know exactly what the Scottish Parliament building is, for no reason other than it cost them the best part of £450 million. Can you imagine the Palace of Westminster needing a big sign to tell people what it is? The fact they need a sign speaks volumes about the architectural integrity of its design. Some of it looks like a block of flats in the housing "scheme" out of 1980's film Gregory's Girl, which is probably what is confusing the visitors to it, not the lack of a sign.

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