Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The Envelope.

"THE controversial Barnett Formula – which allocates spending increases to the various parts of the UK – was drawn up "almost on the back of an envelope", it emerged last night. Lord Joel Barnett, the former Labour minister who devised the Barnett Formula in the 1970s, used an interview with Holyrood magazine to repeat his call for the formula to be reviewed. Lord Barnett said: "I have nothing against Scots but they have to examine how much money they get and why."The real danger in not doing anything is that people in England will begin to be so angry about it that they will do what Alex Salmond wants them to do and press for a break-up of the UK."

Is it just Mr Smith or is seeking to use the existence of the Barnett Formula which was introduced as a tool to reinforce cohesion across the UK by trying to allocate public spending on a "fairer basis", to now raise concerns about an English backlash against it ... sort of contradictory? The Barnett Foruma cannot be all things to all people ... whatever its merits or demerits.

My enemy's enemy is not always my friend.

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