Thursday, 10 April 2008

Off the McLeish.

So former Labour First Minister Henry McLeish shows no signs of letting up in his one man campaign at causing the Scottish Labour Party leadership as much embarrassment as possible, this time by endorsing SNP plans for a referendum on Scottish independence, despite it being opposed by Labour in Scotland.

"FORMER Labour First Minister Henry McLeish has said Scotland's future should eventually be resolved with a referendum on independence. But the ex-MP and MSP said that a snap poll – as proposed by Scotland's richest man Sir Tom Hunter – would be a mistake, insisting that there first needed to be a major UK-wide debate about the future of the Union. His comments come as a new poll this weekend reveals 65% of voters in Scotland believe there should be a referendum vote within the next two years."

Two thirds of Scots support a referendum, so what is the problem with having one?

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