Friday, 4 April 2008

She's a Lady.

So Labour Deputy Leader Harriet "Kate Adie" Harman MP has become the first Labour woman MP every to respond to Prime Minister's Questions. Rather bad tempered performance from Harriet and rather un-illuminating. Ms Harman didn't do herself any favours by her references to "Harriet in the High Street" and trying to pin a sexism tag on William Hague MP.

Not a good outing from Ms Harman which bears out the old assertion that sometimes lawyers can be too obsessed with their brief. She seemed to be stuck in her Leader of the House mode and didn't appear very Prime Ministerial, with her eyes on detail rather than common humanity. She didn't even try to answer a lot of the questions (even more than normal.) She even managed to mispronounce the name of Edinburgh's Princes Street in one reply.

Mr Smith suspects it may be some time until Harriet stands again at the despatch box in place of the PM. (Gordon Brown is away.)

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