Monday, 14 April 2008

Independence Day.

You couldn't write this one ... from the Herald Diary, "News of a cross-party alliance in Glasgow. Labour's chief whip on the city council, Aileen Colleran is to marry top SNP parly candidate Chris Stephens. The happy couple can agree on only one union: their own. However, they have come to a few political understandings, Ms Colleran told the Diary. "I am keeping my name for political purposes," she said. "There is no way I am slipping down the ballot paper alphabetically. Oh, and we promised not to stand against each other in an election." So when is the big day? Ironically, July 4. "Yes," the one-time librarian admitted, "it's Independence Day."

Even some Councillors will do anything for a bit of cheap publicity, but fixing the date for your wedding to get a small bit in the Diary? Sad. Good to see the "new politics" even extends to nuptials.

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