Monday, 21 April 2008

Twenty's Plenty.

So, "ALEX Salmond yesterday set the SNP the ambitious target of winning more than a third of Scotland's seats at the next general election, saying he wanted to make Westminster to "dance to a Scottish jig". The First Minister believes the SNP could hold the balance of power at Westminster after the next election and he told his party to aim high and take 20 seats from both Labour and the Liberal Democrats. Mr Salmond used a rousing speech to the SNP's spring conference in Edinburgh to stress his belief that the SNP could wield real influence in Westminster for the first time since 1979."

It appears that the SNP have given up on using Westminster to secure a vote on Scottish independence given that they have gotten the Scottish Parliament all sown up and instead seem to believe that they can hold the "balance of power" after the next UK General Election.

Mr Smith thinks that is a tad optimistic given that most of those who voted SNP in the last Scottish Parliament elections have indicated they won't do the same in a UK General Election and the fact that Westminster elections are conducted using 'first past the post' which will make it far more difficult for the SNP to win significant numbers of Westminster seats. Time will tell.

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