Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Hokey Cokey.

"VETERAN city MP Gavin Strang, who announced last year he would retire at the next election, has decided not to quit the Commons after all. The 64-year-old former Cabinet minister, who has represented Edinburgh East for the past 38 years, said he had reflected again on his position and was now "in it for the long haul" ... today Dr Strang said it had been a difficult decision and since then he had reflected again on his position.He said: "I'm 64 and it was not unreasonable to want to consider how much longer I wanted to be a full-time politician. I'm now there for the long haul."I'm now 100 per cent sure that I want to continue to represent Edinburgh East."

It he was so sure why did he change his mind? It might have had something to do with the rather bad tempered jockeying for position that had already started to be his successor in his Edinburgh constituency and the fact that without him as the candidate there was a very strong chance the seat would fall to the SNP.

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